Somerset Berkley Regional High School


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After School Library Use

The library will be open after school for any student (whether or not it is your in-person day of learning) beginning Monday, November 9, 2020. Hours will be 2:15-3:45 p.m. All school rules, including social distancing expectations, apply to the library after school. There is only water allowed and absolutely no food. In order to stay after in the library, you need to sign up using the form below

Currently, the library will be open for two reasons:

1. You need a quiet place to do your homework and want to stay in the library to do your work.

2. You are staying with a teacher for extra help, making up a test, or an extracurricular and need a place to stay until your ride comes. If you will need to wait for a ride or the late bus, you must sign up for the library. If you are leaving right after the appointment, you do not need to sign up.

It is VERY important that your ride comes by 3:45 pm OR you are taking the late bus. There is one late bus for Somerset and one for Berkley (brings students to the Commons). There are only a limited number of spots on the late bus so it is imperative that you sign up so we reserve a spot for you on the bus. No students can remain in the building unattended. We must know where you are in the building at all times. Therefore, when you are done with a teacher, the teacher will walk you either to the main office door to leave the building or bring you to the library. At that point, you remain in the library until your ride comes. All rides should come to Blue Raider Blvd. in front of the library and you will leave through the door of the library. Students taking the late bus will be escorted there by Ms. Green.