Somerset Berkley Regional High School

Student & Staff Recognition - October

Each month we will be recognizing students and staff who exemplify the skills and competencies that we value in our SBRHS vision. October's skill is RESILIENCY. There are many factors that contribute to resilience including:
1. Optimism
2. Attachment to family, school and learning
3. Problem Solving Skills
4. Effective coping strategies
5. Sense of humor
6. Positivity
7. Positive self-image
Who is a staff member or peer that demonstrates resilience in their daily lives? Perhaps they start your day by putting you in a good mood or maybe they, themselves are always showing positivity. Feel free to recognize as many people, and as many times, as you see fit. Each month we will have a different focus. Remember you can nominate a staff member OR a student (or both)--anyone who is part of our SBRHS family. Anyone recognized will receive an anonymous email detailing why you think they are resilient. One lucky person from each group will win a small prize and recognition on our guidance wall of fame as a representative of the month.